Diagnostic Services

State of the art diagnostic laboratory

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory features:

  1. Trained veterinary technicians and doctors to read on site: in-house urinalysis, USG (Urine Specific Gravity), multistick and sedimentation cytology, in-house cytology evaluation, including fine needle aspiration, impression smears, tape cytology, skin scraping, trichogram evaluation, exudative/ceruminous discharge cytology evaluation and more.
  2. IDEXX VetLab® station
  3. Catalyst Dx® chemistry analyzer
  4. ProCyte Dx® hematology analyzer
  5. SNAP Pro® mobile device – bedside IDEXX 4DX, heartworm, anaplasma, E. Canis, lyme serology for dogs and IDEXX FELV,FIV, feline heartworm serology for cats.
  6. Reference laboratory; Antech diagnostics with twice daily courier sample pick-up.

Digital Radiology Suite

Dicom electronic transfer to local boarded radiology team for rapid consultation when indicated.


Pituitatry/Adrenal Disease diagnostics/management

  • ACTH stimulation testing
  • LDDS testing
  • Urine cortisol and creatinine ratio
  • Urine culture and sensitivity
  • Management both with oral medications or natural supplements for symptomatic care


  • Insulin administration, instruction and demonstration
  • Blood glucose curves (in hospital or at home – curve interpretation)
  • Fructosamine level
  • Urine culture and sensitivity
  • Dietary recommendation

Thyroid Conditions

  • T4, fT4(ed), cTSH Profiles and more
  • Oral medications, transdermal preparations
  • Dietary recommendations, referral for radioactive I131 therapy

To schedule a diagnostic consultation for your pet, call us at (610) 935-9071.