House Calls

In-Home Veterinary Care

Understanding there is a need for high-quality in-home veterinary care, Dr. Kimberley Galligher continues to offer house call veterinary services to her new clientele here at Phoenixville Animal Hospital. We are able to offer all of the same medical and diagnostic services that we can offer here at Phoenixville Animal Hospital in the comfort of your home, except radiographs, procedures requiring anesthesia or usage of our surgical suite.

During our visit, Dr. Kimberley Galligher and a veterinary technician will work one on one with you and your pet. A detailed medical history will be completed followed by a thorough nose to tail examination of your pet. Preventative medicine is our primary goal, because your pet can not communicate symptoms that might indicate illness or disease, diagnostic testing along with wellness screening will help to ensure that your pet is on the right track.

Benefits of In-Home Veterinary Care

It can be difficult if not nearly impossible to take your pet to the veterinarian whether it be due to a hectic lifestyle or simply because you can no longer make the trip without the assistance of others. But, no matter what the reason, you still want the best care for your faithful companion. When you need comprehensive and compassionate veterinary care for your pet with the convenience of the good old-fashioned “house-call”, Phoenixville Animal Hospital is the answer. After all, why not provide your pet with the most comprehensive and preventative veterinary care in the most stress-free environment of all…your home!

Who Benefits From House-Calls?

  • Elderly Pets
  • Timid, Nervous Pets
  • Aggressive Pets
  • Multiple Pet Owners
  • Individuals Confined to Their Homes
  • Individuals with Physical Disabilities